Emergency Support Call
1 (855) 332-4049

Better Support

No Calls Centers, No Agents reading scripts from the screen!

No matter how you sign up agent or direct, customers get a small dedicated team that is intimately knowledgeable about your specific setup. No End User is under contract, any of our customers can leave with 30 days' notice, so you will not find us figure pointing and hiding behind a contract. Your problems are our problems, even when the problems arise out of our direct control, we are here to help.

Our hosted customers may have their PBX's fully managed, just ask your agent or submit a ticket with your change requests and we will get right on it.

Our hosted customers that want to self-manage, we are here for you too, ask for advice, how to, or if you don't feel conferrable in certain sections of the PBX, we can manage those sections for you.

End Users signing up direct with Voxis
Dedicated Voxis Agent that handles Sales, Support
Available direct though email and phone
Access to Support Ticket System
Access to Emergency hotline

End Users signing up with Independent Authorized Agent
Independent Agent handles Sales and is primary contact for support
All Independent Agents have a dedicated Voxis Agent
Voxis Agent is also available to the End User
Access to Support Ticket System
Access to Emergency hotline