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Centrex Hosted PBX

This PBX is a Enterprise Hosted PBX, we are just highlighing the ablitly to use the PBX to also act as a Centrex Server

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This product is perfect for multiple locations where one or more of those locations has an existing on site PBX and you want the users of those systems to interact with user on the Hosted PBX or users of another local PBX as if they were all on the same PBX

Businesses that plan on keeping existing systems at some locations either permanently or as a phase out plan can bridge those systems together.

This service is compatible with all IP PBXs that support SIP Trunking without equipment and most Analog PBX/ Key System with use of Gateway Adapters. The PBXs do not even have to be the same, bridging an Avaya at one location and a ShoreTel at another with your Hosted PBX with Voxis is possible

Each Link Cost $50 / month, and allows unlimited call capacity between PBX's, Use of Gateway Adapters for Legacy Deployments will limit the concurrent call capacity based on specs of the Gateway Adapter

Total Monthly Cost-


$50 Enterprise Hosted PBX
$50** Per Unlimited Centrex Trunk Link (PBX to PBX Links)**
$25 Per SIP Trunk Channel (# of Concurrent PSTN Calls)
$5 Per DID (Phone Number)

**Price of Unlimited Centrex Trunks may be reduced or waived on a per case basis depending on scope of project and number of SIP Trunk Channels subscribed to.

Optional Monthly Cost -

$6 Per 10GB Extra Hard Drive Storage

- Extra Hard Drive Storage is typically only needed in vary large deployments in which Voice Mail to Email with Auto Delete off PBX is not utilized, or setups that utilize a lot of call recording