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Enterprise Hosted PBX Plus CRM

Hosted Customer Record Managment With your PBX

Enjoy all the same features with our unlimted extension Enterprise Hosted PBX with unlimitted users on V-Tiger CRM

-Sales Force Automation
- Leads
- Opportunities
- Contacts
- Orginizations
- Quotes
- Invoiceing
- Document Managment

- Marketing Automation
- Webforms
- Campaing Management
- Inventory
- Project Management
- Activity Managment
- Events
- Tasks
- Email Management

Not only does V-Tiger intergrate with PBX for click to call and contact pop but there are many other intergration tools avaible

- Exchange Connector
- Outlook
- MS Office
- Firefox

for more information on V-Tiger CRM please look at the wiki

Total Monthly Cost-

$100 Enterprise Hosted PBX + CRM
$25 Per SIP Trunk Channel (Number of Concurrent Calls)
$5 Per DID (Phone Number)

Optional Monthly Cost -

$6 Per 10GB Extra Hard Drive Storage

- Extra Hard Drive Storage is typically only needed in vary large deployments in which Voice Mail to Email with Auto Delete off PBX is not utilized, or setups that utilize a lot of call recording

-Extra Hard Drive Storage may also be needed for those that use CRM for extensive document managment