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Voxis frequently asked questions

Can I keep my Phone Number?

Yes, we can port your phone number(s) from your current carrier. Porting Can take anywhere from a 1-2 days to 4-6 weeks depending on your current carrier. We can issue temporary phone numbers that you forward your current service to until the port completes.

Is Voxis SIP Trunking as reliable Analog Phone Lines?

Yes, Our SIP Trunking solution can actually be more reliable than traditional Analog lines as SIP trunking allows for automatic fallback. Fallback is a technology that allows us to automatically re-route calls upon conditions such as an end point being in an offline status.

With 4G LTE Failover, SIP trunks are even more resilient. 4G LTE Failover allows your phones to operate in normal mode while your Primary Internet is down

What is the difference between Fallback, Failover, and Failback?

Fallback is the automatic re-routing of calls due to a device being offline, for example extension 101 has an incoming call, but extension 101 is offline, the call can automatically be sent to another route or destination such as another extension or a cell phone.

Failover is when your primary Internet goes down and your router automatically switches to another standby Internet connection. Some routers support multiple failover connections.

Failback is when your primary Internet connection is back online and services automatically move back from a Failover connection to your primary or a higher tiered Internet connection.

Does Voxis SIP Trunking sound as good as Analog Phone Lines?

Yes and sometimes better, but QoS is the key to achieving high quality sound

Which Audio Codec should I use?

G.729 is a licensed codec with superior packet loss concealment that any other codec while using half the bandwidth, and therefore our default codec, this codec is best with low bandwidth applications or best effort applications that might have slight packet loss, with G.729 you have the ablitly to run 46 concurrent active channels using 1.54Mbps of Bandwidth.

G.711 or Ulaw is the Analog audio codec and is best used in higher bandwidth applications with the ability to run 23 concurrent active channels using 1.54Mbps of Bandwidth.

G.722 is the HD Audio codec and is best used in higher bandwidth applications with the ability to run 23 concurrent active channels using 1.54Mbps of Bandwidth. G.722 is a compressed packet codec so it is also best used in low latency and very low packet loss applications.

Do I need to keep all my phone numbers or have 1 Phone Number per Phone Line?

Typically not, most companies will have less phone numbers (DiDs) than phone lines (Trunk Channels) due to the lack of needing more than 1 phone number per roll over group. You only need to have 1 phone number per destination. An example would be a business with 10 Phone lines with 2 destinations, a Sales ring group and a direct line to the CEO. In the example the company would only need 2 phone numbers. It is possible to have more phone numbers than phone lines. Example; that same 10 phone Line Company with 1 sales ring group and 1 direct line to the CEO wants a Sales phone number in the capital city of every state. The example company would then have 51 phone numbers and 10 phone lines, 50 numbers to the Sales Ring Group and 1 to direct dial the CEO.

Do I have to purchase Hardware though Voxis Telcom?

No, our service is compatible with all Open SIP compliant hardware from many different manufactures including, Grandstream, Cicso, Polycom, Aastra, Snom, Yealink, and many more. You may use hardware you already have or purchase though 3rd party. In some cases using hardware not supplied by Voxis may result in one time setup fees if you require a Voxis Technician to configure the device. Hardware sold by Voxis is pre-configured to customer's specifications at no extra charge.

Will my Alarm System work with Voxis Telcom?

Many Alarm system do work with SIP Trunking Phone Lines, whiles others do not. This is dependent on your specific alarm modem and service provider. You may check with your alarm company to see if your model works with VoIP using an ATA gateway. In some cases we can conduct a test using demo equipment. To use an Alarm System over SIP Trunks you must use G.711 codec, please make your Voxis technician aware of the intent to use an Alarm System.

Will my Pitney Bowes work with Voxis Telcom?

No, many older Pitney Bowes and all new Pitney Bowes machines have either USB or Ethernet connections and can be filled via online at no extra cost; this is the preferred filling method by Pitney Bowes. To continue filling via a dial up connection you will need to keep 1 analog phone line.

Will my dial up credit card terminal work with Voxis Telcom?

Some credit card terminals do work, depending on model and your processor, G.711 is required however use of dial up credit card terminals is not recommended. Many terminals have Ethernet capability to process directly over the internet often at lower rates than dial up transactions.

Does Voxis have a customer web portal?

Non-Hosted Solutions
No, features can be changed from * dial codes or you may ask a Voxis technician to change them for you.

Hosted PBX
Yes, Customers get Administrator rights to the PBX web GUI

Will I need to re-wire my office for new IP Phones?

Not in most cases. New IP Phones have a 10/100/1000 network pass though allowing you to use existing data cables without compromising LAN speeds. Simply run data cable from the wall to the Phone, then from the Phone to the computer. Many of the Analog Phone systems used Cat5 or better wiring that can be converted to data cable in cases where data cable in not already in place.

Do I need a Static IP for My Internet Connection?

No, Voxis supports 2 different methods to traversing your NAT without need for paying for a static IP. Stun and Keep-Alive depending on the type of router you have.

I am currently under contract with my current carrier is there a way out?

Possibly… many telephone contracts have a minimum service level agreement. For example most of AT&T's contracts state you must keep a minimum of 1 phone line and a Internet product to avoid early termination fees, In which case you just keep 1 line active to use for fax or alarm service.

Does Voxis Support Channels on Demand?

Yes, in terms of you may upgrade the number of channels you have at anytime, and the channels will be available for use right away. Services are not under contract and can be turned down at any time; however services are billed in 30 day increments. This serves growing and seasonal business well as they can turn up extra lines during their busy month(s) and easily turn them back down after their busy period.

Is the Voxis Standard Channel a Unlimited use product?

No, there is actually no such thing as a truly unlimited plan in the telephone industry, all "unlimited" plans in the industry come with a "Fair Usage" policy that limits the "unlimited". Despite court's ruling advertising as "Unlimited" with a Fair Usage clause is not false advertising, we think it's anything but fair.

Voxis Standard channels are aggregated thousand minute per channel plans. Meaning you get one thousand minutes multiplied by the number of channels you have, with overages billed depend on where the call is placed but average 0.025 per minute billed in once second increments.

Why the thousand minute model? Over sixty years of industry study shows that the average business uses 600 minutes per phone line they have in a given month. Once a business reaches 700 minutes of use per line customers start to complain about getting busy signals, as a business approaches real usage of 1000 minutes per phone line, it becomes difficult for the business to function, employees have a hard time access lines to make calls and customers start to look elsewhere to conduct business as they cant not get though on your lines.
For over sixty years business has successfully self regulated this without even beginning aware of their actual minute usage, solely on the fact if employees are having trouble accessing outside lines or high volumes of customers are complaining about busy signals, our standard channel service is no differen.t

Many companies have a perception that they use far more minutes than they actually do. A lot of this has to do with how long distance has been billed for over 60 years. Voxis tracks your usage bills down to the tenth of a second per call, where Long Distance has traditionally been billed rounded up to 6, 30 or 60 seconds per call depending on the LD plan.

Does calling another extension on our HPBX use a channel?

No, calling other extensions on your HPBX does not use up a channel, even if the two extensions are in different locations

How many Channels Do I need?

This will depend on your business size, your industry, and how you use your phones. If you have access to your CDR, take 1 month of data, subtract out all Internal and location to location calls, make sure the remaining inbound and outbound calls are not rounded up, add them all up and divided by 700. This will give you the minimum number of channels you should be using.

For those that do not have access to CDR's, if you are converting from an analog service and did not have busy signal issues, the number of Analog lines you had is probably the number of lines you need. Remember to count your fax line as a Voice line if you shared the fax line to make outbound voice calls.

Still not sure try our sizing charts:

Small Business

# Of Users

# of Channels


Large Business

Many Larger Business model 3 users per channel, while some split up types of users to determine a channel count

For # Of type of Users

# of Channels

1 Always On (Receptionist /Operator)
2 Heavy Users (Lawyers, Real-estate Agents)
3-4 Medium Users (Medical Office Staff)
4-5 Light Users (Administration Staff)
6-8 Very Light Users (Data Entry)

How does the Voxis Fax Service Work?

The purchase of a Fax Line comes with one thousand aggregated minutes, and 1 fax box. Multiple fax lines minutes aggregate together but they do not aggregate with Voice Line as these lines are on a separate trunk group where all channels in the fax group are running the T.38 codec. The average fax consumes about 40 seconds per faxed page.

Multiple additional fax boxes can be added to the trunk group without the need to purchase more channels. Each Fax Box comes with a Fax Phone number; you can port your existing phone number in or be assigned new numbers.

Each Fax Box can be assigned multiple email addresses, when a fax comes in, all email addresses for the fax box will be sent a PDF file of the Fax. Any Email address assigned to the box may fax out by sending an email with a PDF file attached. In addition to email addresses each fax box can support a fax scanner ATA.

A fax scanner ATA is a device that adapts your analog fax machine to the SIP fax trunk channels. Scanner ATA's can and are commonly setup to send only, where incoming faxes go to email only and outbound faxing can be done either by email or fax machine.