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More Features

Voxis has a larger feature set and our feature sets have more customizable options that any other type of phone system. There is no phone system in the world more configurable and customizable that Asterisk "."

Please check our List of Features for a list of most used features and our KB to see most of the customizable options

Did you know that most hosted PBX services are running a forked version of Asterisk? Did you know that a good number of local IP-PBX manufactures have at least one module forked from Asterisk?.

What is a forked version you ask? A commercial licensing agreement that allows you to take the source code and re-compile it with your own modifications. Are they making the code better? No, and most of the time they are not even changing the backend code, they are writing their own front end user interface.

3 reasons to do this

- Branding

- Control the user experience, to what the providers wants your experience to be

- Ability to integrate with billing systems as you turn on and off features

The second is the issue here, in an effort for all the service providers to lay claim to the easiest to use web interface they started stripping all the features, for the features they leave in, they strip what you can customize, nobody ever stopped to think maybe businesses want, need, or could use these features.

Sure that's great you can have a ring group, but why is it limited to X devices, or why can't you set a ring pattern. Why is an IVR limited to 9 selections and total of 2 IVRs deep? It's because options add clutter and clutter gives the appearance of not easy to use.

Voxis does not use a forked version of Asterisk, we use Asterisk with a FreePBX overlay that gives you an easy to use web interface that keeps all the options intact and usable.

Scared of the Clutter, no problem with Voxis, we have options that make it even easier, see our better support section for more information