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Network Switches

Voxis and its Independent Agents sell and maintain very wide variety of network switches

Cisco, TP-Link, HP, Juniper, Aruba just to name a few, below is some information on different switch types

Unmanaged Switches

Most basic and least expensive, they are plug and play, no settings, no programming, no management and no remote monitoring. These switches are good for small offices with light LAN traffic in which only 1 switch is deployed

Smart Switches

Mid End Management Features and Mid End Pricing, these switches often have programmable features similar to fully managed switches, these switches are good for offices with higher amounts of LAN traffic and/ or multiple switches are deployed. VLAN and QoS are the important feature sets for a proper VoIP deployment in High LAN traffic or multiple switch environments.

Fully Managed Switches

High End Feature sets, often have reporting and monitoring capabilities, for use in Enterprise environments and extreme LAN traffic deployments

POE switches

All 3 types of switches, unmanaged, smart and fully managed have POE or Power of Ethernet models. POE switches allow for the deployment of phones without a power cable, of a cleaner looking deployment