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SIP Phones


Voxis Hosted PBX's our Local IP-PBX's are a open SIP platform, meaning any Open SIP phone will work, including mixing and matching phones from different manufactures on the same system.

Voxis sells mostly Grandstream and Panasonic; however we have converted phones from many other manufactures to our system and some of our independent authorized agents also deal directly in hardware from other vendors.

Some of the Manufactures of Phones that have been fully tested are: Aastra, Algo, AND, Audio Codes, Cisco SPA, Cortelco, CyberData, Digium, Grandstream, Incom, Mitel, Mocet, Obihai, Panasonic, Phoenix Audio, Polycom, Sangoma, Snom, Uniden, Vtech, Xorcom, Yealink

Below is some information on some of the phones Voxis sells directly, if you are interested in any other manufacture, please let us know so we can get you in touch with a agent that specializes in that manufacture.

Prices include programming, large quantity discounts may apply

IP Video Desk Phones

GXV-3275 $350.00 Datasheet
GXV-3240 $250.00 Datasheet

IP Desk Phones

GXP-2160 $155.00 Datasheet
GXP-2140 $145.00 Datasheet
GXP-2130 $135.00 Datasheet
GXP-1450 $95.00 Datasheet
GXP-1405 $75.00 Datasheet

IP Desk Phones BLF Side Cart

GXP-2200-EXT $175.00 Datasheet

Works with GXP-2140, GXP-2200, and GXV-3240

IP Wireless DECT Phones

DP-715 $95.00 Datasheet
TGP-500 $200.00 Datasheet
TGP-550 $300.00 Datasheet
TPA-50 $125.00 Datasheet

Conference Room Phones

Polycom IP-5000 $450.00 Datasheet
Polycom IP-6000 $660.00 Datasheet
Polycom IP-7000 $950.00 Datasheet

Conference Room Expansion Mics

For IP-6000 $270.00  
For IP-7000 $270.00  

Soft Phones

GS Wave - Andriod Free
Zoiper Free and Paid Version Avaliable
Bria 7.99 to 49.99 depeding on Version

Both Zoiper and Bria have softphones for Windows, MAC, Andriod and IPhone

Zoiper has a free basic phone for all platorms, then chrages to unlock features like G729 Audio or Video

Bria charges by the platform, IE Bria for a Andriod is $7.99 while Bria for Windows or MAC is $49.99