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SIP Gateways and ATAs

Gateways and ATAs are for adapting analog and other legacy equipment

Gatways support port grouping and hunting and are typically used for adapting analog and keysystem PBXs, though they can be used to adapt a lot of fax machines or analog phones out of the telco room in large deployments

ATAs do not support grouping or hunting they are used to adapt a single Analog device per port, like adding a fax machine to a Fax Box account, or a standard analog phone as an extension on your PBX

A Gateway can be a ATA, but a ATA can not be a Gateway

Pricing includes pre-configuration

ATAs (Fax Machine or Single Phones)

HT-701 $55 Datasheet
HT-702 $65 Datasheet

Gateways (RJ-11, 66 Block)

HT-704 $155 Datasheet
GXW-4008 $300 Datasheet

Gateways (RJ11, 66Block, 50 Pin Telco)

GXW-4216 $725 Datasheet
GXW-4224 $1050 Datasheet
GXW-4232 $1450 Datasheet
GXW-4248 $2100 Datasheet

Gateways (PRI)

G-100 $1550 Datasheet
G-200 $2600 Datasheet
G-400 $3900 Datasheet
G-600 $5200 Datasheet