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Shared Hosted PBX

This PBX Plan is geared for Startups and Small Businesses, it allows PBX productivity functions without the cost of the actual PBX

This plan is limited to Businesses with up to 5 user Extensions, up to 3 Concurrent Calls with 1 Phone Number

This plan is fully managed by Voxis Techs, End Users are not given admin rights to the PBX due to the shared nature however your channels are strictly assigned to your extensions.

You may have Voxis Program your setup with the following Features:

1 Call Flow Toggle or Time Condition Route
1 Conference Room
1 Dial by Name Directory
1 Paging Group
1 Call Parking Lot, with 2 parking Slips
Ring Groups
1 Voice Mail Blasting Group
1 Custom default Music on Hold Song Grouping
each Extension may have Find/Me and Voice Mail with VM to Email and Auto Delete off PBX

Total Monthly Cost-

$40 1 Channel with CallWaiting and 1 Phone Number
$55 2 Channels with 1 Phone Number
$80 3 Channels with 1 Phone Number