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WIFI Access Points


Using WIFI Enabled Phones? Desktop phones are starting to come with WIFI connectivity, Softphones on smart phones or tablets either have to get internet from 4G connections or your WIFI network, Softphones on PC and MAC are going to use the WIFI if that's how the desktop is connected.

There are two big issues with VoIP over WIFI than need to be overcome when utilizing WIFI for your VoIP devices

QoS at the WLAN

All SOHO and most Enterprise Access Points have a higher throughput on the LAN side of the Access Point (the part that is wired to the network) then they do on the WLAN side of the access point (the part that your WIFI clients connect to), the result is a bottleneck at the WLAN that can severally effect quality of phone calls.

Aruba Networks access points have a unique QoS by SSID, this brings QoS to the WLAN side of Access Point

Access Point roaming for Mobile users

SOHO Access Points do not allow for proper Roaming and Most Enterprise Access Points don't manage roaming clients very well, at least not well enough for clients that are engaged in real time streaming applications like VoIP. They have a tendency of making "sticky clients" where the Access Point you are on try's to hold on the your client until the last possible second, resulting in progressively worse call quality until the roaming swap with another Access Point sometimes the connection is so bad before the "swap" that calls drop, in an effort to fix this issue some manufactures started bouncing clients as quickly as possible between Access Points causing problems on the opposite of the spectrum, the client devices don't know what access point they are supposed to be talking to and massive packet loss results in very poor call quality. The cell phone industry saw these exact same problems many years ago, Aruba studied the issue and the proven solutions used in the cell phone market and though its patient technology brings cell phone roaming technology to the WIFI market.

Controllerless Access Points (Indoor)

IAP-103 Quote Datasheet
IAP-200 Quote Datasheet
IAP-210 Quote Datasheet
IAP-220 Quote Datasheet
IAP-320 Quote Datasheet

Controllerless Access Points (Outdoor)

IAP-270 Quote Datasheet

Branch Offices and Remote Workers?

Need those workers to be tied in to your corprate network not just on the same phone system? need the whole setup to be secure? with an Aruba Controller based system that could be as easy as installing a controller at your main office and mailing remote offices or workers a RAP-3, RAP-100 or RAP-155 for instant WIFI and LAN connectivity just like your workers are sitting in the main office