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Hosted PBX Features

This is not a complete list, nor does it cover setting details (Features within Features) Please see our KB for more a more indepth descriptions of these features

The Following Features you pay nothing extra per month for, they are included in Our Enterprise and Small Office Hosted PBX sytems

- Announcements, Play pre-recorded messages to your calls
- Call Flow Toggles, Change Call Flow with Feature Code or BLF Buttons
- Call Recording, Options to Record Calls (always on, or incall activeate)
- Conference Rooms
- Dial by Name Directories
- DISA, allowing outside access for admin or remote dial tone setups
- Paging and Intercom, setup paging groups, speaker phone and-or overhead
- Call Parking, hold and retrieve else where
- Call Queues
- Ring Groups
- IVRs, Auto Attendants

- Set CallerID, CallerID tagging
- Time Conditional Call Routing
- Voice Mail Blasting, send voice mail to mutiple users at once
- Hotel Style Wake Up Calling
- Music on Hold, Can be set diffrent on each call route
- User Control Panel, Web portal for your users to set basic extension settings

Extensions have there own subset of feature that include:

- Extensions, Desk Phones, Softphones, Camreas, Paging, Door Access, Ect
- Find Me / Follow Me, a person ring group can include outside numbers
- VmX Locater, a person IVR built into your Voice Mail Greeting
- Voice Mail, including voice mail to email

Administrative Features include:

- Blacklisting, Call Blocking
- Feature Codes, Setting and changing feature codes
- User Management, user permissions for User Control Panel

Routing Features support options for both

- Advanced Inbound Routing
- Advanced Outbound Routing

Many Reporting Features

- System Health Reporting
- CDR Reporting
- Concurrent Call Reporting
- Extension Breakdown Reporting

We also have various intergration tools
- Desktop CallerID
- Outlook
- Act

Audio Codecs

- G729
- G711 (Ulaw)
- G722

Video Codecs

- h264
- h263p
- h263
- h261

The Following Features you pay A 25 year licese, No Monthly Extra Cost

- Appointments, Automate confirmations, callcellations and reschedules
- Parking Pro, Add multiple lots and Park and Announce (Paging)
- Call Recording Reporting, All recordings in one spot drillable by date
- Confrence Pro, Add web portal control to your confrnce rooms
- Extension Routing, 7 digit dialing for working in diffrent area codes
- Q-Xact Reporting, Call center style reporting for Call Queues
- Virtual Q Plus, Expands Call Queue features including call back options
- Voice Mail Notify, Responsibility and reporting system for when multiple employees are responsible for a general mailbox
- Operator Web Panel, Full PBX control and BLF via Web Portal

Need a Feature you do not see here? Check out our KB, Call Your Local Voxis Agent, or Open a Online Support Ticket