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Local IP PBX

Voxis is aware of market segments that are regulated in having on-site local PBXs with Analog backup, we also recognize the desire of some companies that just want to self-host a PBX out of their main location or would rather have each location have its own independent local PBXs. For these reasons Voxis does offer on-site Asterisk / FreePBX IP-PBXs.

If you are looking for a specific manufacture of on-site PBXs like 3CX, Avaya, Mitel, Shoretel then please let us know, we do have independent agents that specialize in those systems

Our Base model is an Intel Dual Core 2.41 Ghz with 4GB ram, 1 LAN with a 1TB Hard Drive in a self or wall mountable chassis. This unit can handle 20-30 phones depending on other factors like call queues and IVRs

Asterisk / FreePBX Base Model $550

Models for thousands of phones, rack mounting, SDD, Raid, redundant power supplies and High Availability (unit failover) are also available.

For Analog backup Integration

With increasingly better internet and modern multi-wan failover including failover to 4G and SIP fallback local IP-PBX have largely lost their last strong hold advantages vs the Hosted PBX, they where extension to extension calling still works during an Internet outage and the Local IP-PBX can integrate backup analog lines directly into the phone system

FXO Gateways

Works with any IP-PBX configuration as the gateway to a standalone unit that attaches to your network, Gateways can be stacked to have more analog ports.

HT-503 1 FXO Port $95
GXW-4104 4 FXO Ports $299
GXW-4108 8 FXO Ports $399

FXO Internal Cards for IP-PBXs are also availible (requires upgrades from base model PBX)

A4 4 FXO Ports $275
A8 8 FXO Ports $355
AEX2400 - upto 24 FXO Ports Quote
TE1 - 1 PRI FXO $825