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SIP FallBack

SIP Fallback is included free with all our Trunk Only and Hosted PBX Plans
SIP fallback is the automatic re-routing of calls based in the status of the device that is supposed to receive a call, if the device is not registered for any reason, including but not limited to Internet Outage, Device Unplugged, Power Outage, Etc. then the call can be automatically re-routed so you do not lose your inbound calls.

Trunk Only Plans

Each trunk group can have 1 fall back destination, if your device is not registered when an inbound call comes in, that call is automatically rerouted to a destination of your choice. The fallback destination can be a Voice Mail box or any number including but not limited to another trunk grouping, a cell phone, or an analog line

Hosted PBX Plans

Each extension may have its own fallback plan, and fallback plans can include multiple destinations. When an extension device is not registered and an inbound call comes in that call can be automatically re-routed to one or more destinations, including Voice Mail, other extensions, other trunk groupings, cells phones, or analog lines