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True Neutrality

Internet Connections

Voxis SIP trunks will work with any broadband connection from any carrier, recommended connections are:

Tx and OCx (T1, T3, OC3, ect)

Voxis does not recommend Satellite based broadband connections, it will "work" but due to sending data packets to space then back down again the minimum latency on this type of broadband connection is 500ms, which will add at least a half second delay to your conversation, most callers notice latency at 250ms and Voxis does not recommend any connection that sustains 150ms or more

Voxis only sells 4G LTE connections that are typically used for failover connections, if you need help in selecting a primary internet connection, please let us know, most of our independent agents also are brokers for many of the wire based ISPs. They can give you advice, pricing and even handle all the paper work for you.


End Users are welcome to use any SIP devices, Voxis uses no proprietary or vendor locked systems, In fact you can mix and match devices from different vendors!